September Newsletter

West Wight Timebank September Newsletter


Cream Tea Fundraiser

A huge thank you to all our volunteers and attendees at our cream tea fundraiser last Saturday. We had a wonderful afternoon and we were very lucky to have some sunshine. We raised £405 (after costs have been taken out) for Timebank funds which was a fantastic amount.

We would like to share a few quotes with you from some of our attendees:

'I think all the volunteers deserved a hug and a medal’

'I was so relaxed as the people were lovely’

'Most delicious cake I have had in a long time'

We also have a lovely write up from Deborah, one of our members about the day.


Last Sunday was our Afternoon Tea fundraising event. Sally had asked if I was interested in being involved in this and I advised her I was happy to do so. I initially attended a meeting at Ella and Nigel’s home, Bundys. Ella and Sally were both there and suitable plans were hatched. While Sally got to work sorting out the legal and quite frankly, boring, though obviously necessary duties such as ensuring all health and safety regs were noted and adhered  to and suitable supplies purchased,  poor Ella and Nigel were left to contemplate the implications of so readily and happily inviting what could potentially end up being a whole colony of people into there beautiful garden.  Luckily on the day it turned out they also have a wonderfully supportive family who baked and washed, cleared and cleaned, while making everyone around them feel happy and welcome. I could therefore hardly blink at my own small part which was to provide a few dozen scones a carrot cake and some garden furniture on the day. However this did entail the need to involve my long suffering, superhero of a husband Richard,  who has taken over the role of general dogs body, life and physical strength support, since my back decided it had given that job up four years ago. 


The sun was very kind to us on the day. Setting the perfect backdrop, a blue sky, dreamy, late summer afternoon. Sally and Joseph sat, with a warm welcome for all, at the front of Bundys, which looked very appealing bedecked in its bright bunting and  freshly  clipped garden. Richard and I had been asked to ‘man’ the raffle, produce and book stall. The rest of the garden was filled with a happy buzz of friendly, relaxed people chatting and laughing while enjoying the wonderful selection of fresh, tempting cakes and scones donated by so many generous Timebank members. Some of these cheery members also served the refreshments from a very welcoming long table.  Other members donated too and ran a ‘Tombola’ stall and Sally had secured fabulous raffle prizes from further generous supporters. Produce and books had also been donated and it was very apparent much effort had gone on, behind the scenes, to make this a successful event. Partners and husbands were heard laughing and chatting about being ‘roped in’ my own included, but all seemed to thoroughly enjoy the shared ‘Summer Garden Party’ atmosphere. This was our first experience of a fundraising event for the Timebank and it was very positive. The feeling of community and support with a common uniting goal left us feeling both satisfied and inspired. 




The Real Junk Food Project and the West Wight Timebank

Faith Stickland is running ‘The Real Junk Food Project Isle of Wight’ which is about saving food from landfill. We will have donated items from the Coop on a daily basis, which we will share with the community.

We will not know what we will have until the day of the ‘meet and eat’ our community cook up starting in November , so the challenge will be to make something delicious from what we have.

We won't be able to say if the food is free from nuts eggs etc. so we will have a notice to indicate this for all, to make their own decisions about the food.

Please do share the poster information with your family, friends and contacts.

The idea is that people ‘pay as they feel’ and make a donation for the food or as a way of donation, offer to help.

The Timebank had free Food Hygiene training delivered expertly by Hilary in readiness for the Meet &Eat Cook Ups.



Image result for autumn clear up

Autumn Clear Up

On Friday 19th October we are having an autumn clear up at our community garden in Totland from 9am-1pm.  If you would like to come along and help in any way or just have a cup of coffee with us, please do





Our next Coffee morning is on Thursday 27th September at WWSCC 10.30 to 12 noon. PLEASE BRING A PLANT TO SWAP WITH ANOTHER MEMBER IF YOU HAVE ONEJ

We have two visitors from the mainland joining us for coffee this month-

Lauren and Sue from Time4Hart, a newly established Timebank on the mainland, have asked to visit us, and to find out how the WWTB operates and 'records  its time exchanges

Please do come to meet them if you can, as its good to share our ideas.

Afterwards, Sally will be showing them our recording software and explaining her role in coordinating exchanges.


New requests

Does anyone want to be a swimming companion? Please let Sally know if so.


WWTB Chair’s report for September 2017 to September 2018

The third year of our Timebank was marked with a successful Big Lottery fund of £10,000 in September 2017 which has allowed us to continue building our membership and time transactions to strengthen our West Wight Community by sharing our strengths, skills and gifts with others.

 Our membership has remained at the 60 mark for individuals and 12 organisational members, but some of the people and organisations have changed.

Following the data protection regulation (that came into force in May 2018), all members were asked in April 2018 to read, sign and return their permission form for me to be able to store their personal details. Anyone who didn’t return the form was removed from the Timebank UK software that allows me to record both their personal data, and their time credit account, and their paper applications were all shredded.  Some people had moved out of area, some felt unable to continue with their membership due to ill health, and 6 people didn’t respond. The 23 new individuals and organisational members that have joined since May have brought our membership total back up to where it was. 

 Our Youngest is 26 and our oldest 89. The demographics have changed this year, with more males joining, but overall we still have   more females (46) than males (13), and more over the age of 50 years than under 50 (13 under 50, 46 over the age of 50).

The hours we have given and received between us have risen from a total of 2060 for years one and two to 4000 this year, and as before have been varied, depending on requests made. Members continue to dip in and out when they wish to engage in either offering a transaction or receiving one. This reciprocity is a key feature of Timebanking exchanges- you do something for someone, and they in turn do something they are able to do for others.

 The most requested transaction this year has been ‘volunteering for community events’, and this figure reflects members helping at WWSCC events, and helping to meet the schemes that have grown organically from our membership:

-Drop and Swap (Adult and Family schemes), community gardening, and our food redistribution scheme.

 In addition we have continued to have individual offers and requests for gardening, DIY jobs,  giving lifts, cat/dog sitting, IT help, cooking, craft work, washing and ironing, visiting, walking companion and giving other members lifts. The majority of these occur in and around Freshwater, with some in Brighstone and Yarmouth.

Since January 2017 I had wonderful support from Roger on a paid sessional role basis, but he decided to leave us on July 15th this year, so I have been picking up his work as additional hours.  Innez also did some rewarding work on the memory boxes with 2 families, but unfortunately has had some health difficulties this year, so again I have been working the additional hours to meet the outcomes we gave our funders. John A out Timebank treasurer also retired from his role, so I have been keeping the books with the help of Alex and Bright Brown accountants.

In October 2017 We were delighted to receive £2,734.34 funding from the Wight Aid Foundation  to buy  resources to support our work, and have purchased a range of goods for example an electric bike on which to deliver the redistributed bread that Sainsbury’s local supply. We formed a partnership with Faith Stickland who runs the ‘Real Junk Food Project Isle of Wight’, and currently await confirmation that the Coop in Freshwater has signed the contract to allow Faith to collect weigh and distribute unused food for our community via Timebank members and community organisations.

The Timebank was also delighted to receive a cheque on June 28th this year for £700 from the Island High Sheriff to purchase goods, for example a freezer for the food redistribution project , in particular for our  new ‘Community Cook up’ starting in November on a monthly basis at St Saviours hall in Totland.  Following a Food Hygiene course due to run on 21st September, members will be prepping and cooking donated foods from supermarkets and shops in the West Wight, and serving a lunch to the public. We hope this will be an inter-generational shared lunch. Donations will be welcome, but no fixed cost will be expected.   We also aim to use produce from our community garden and this year have harvested dwarf and runner beans, tomatoes, spinach, chard and lettuce. To date, this season we have shared 81 small parcels of veg with community members in the West Wight.

 It would also be wonderful to receive support from our local farmers, so that Timebankers can ‘glean’ any of their surplus fruit and veg, which can be used for the cook up. This will be an aim for 2018-2019.

Many of our members contribute to and enjoy:

 Our monthly newsletter

A monthly coffee morning

A 6 weekly lunch

A monthly book group

A walking group

The family Drop and Swap scheme has been very rewarding and over 220 parent/carers and children have used this weekly Timebank resource, which is based at Barnardo’s Family Centre and we have made up 12 clothing parcels to support children coming into Foster care, the women’s refuge and Homestart in Newport.

The adult Drop and Swap continues monthly at ‘Our Place’, where new potential members are asked to join us for coffee and if they wish to join, to complete their application forms and chat about what they would like to do with us. We hope to extend this scheme by taking it (and the Family Drop and Swap) to the monthly community cook ups in Totland.


The WWTB strives to maintain healthy, respectful partnerships with all organisational members, and with community groups in the West Wight, and we aim to increase our ‘reach’ to support new Timebanks over the island, and generally to extend our work to engage others to see that time as an ‘alternative’ currency that can help strengthen our island community.

I have continued to help the Newport Timebank Steering group this year to enable them to get going as they have had problems sustaining a coordinator. As I won a national Time Bank UK competition, I was able to attend a 2 day conference in London last week, representing our Timebank, listening to international speakers and networking. It was really good to see the variety of  models operating, and I know some of them were keen to come over, to see how we do Timebanking island style.

We are grateful to other local funders who support our ongoing work - Freshwater Parish council gave us £300 to go towards our insurance costs, along with £100 from Totland PC and £50 from Shalfleet PC.

As we have had 3 years of ‘Awards for All’ funding, I spent April this year planning for a sustainable Timebanking future, and following an analysis of members data (summary sheet attached to this report), and with agreement from the Steering group (minutes July 11th   2018), I set up an umbrella organisation called Action 4 Support CIC. This company is a ‘not for profit business’- company number 11307451. As I have had such a positive experience of the Big Lottery funding team, and now as I had a CIC, I contacted them to discuss our future bids. 

Over the last 4 months I have followed their stringent application for a ‘Reaching Communities’ Grant which I am delighted to say has now been awarded to us. This grant will allow 30 hours of Timebank coordination a week. I intend to work 24hours on a paid basis through Action 4 Support, and the additional 6 hours will be used flexibly on a sessional basis from other Timebank members. I will be working with Helen Miller the Solent funding officer for the Big Lottery on a regular basis, and hope members will be able to meet Helen when she joins in with some of our time exchanges.

The outcomes I have given the ‘Reaching Communities’ team for the following 3 year are those mentioned above, and to continue to build on the success of our members to build a stronger, more resilient, respectful community here on the West Wight, and to take our successful model to other communities on the island to start linking in to other island partners. An example of this would be to support new Timebank’s to set up, and I have started to made links with interested people in East Cowes and Sandown. This support would enable them to link up with some of the organisations in their own communities that share our core values of respect, inclusivity and a strengths based approach.

I still want to extend the inclusive work we do and if possible engage positively with people with learning disabilities to join as members, to build up and share all skills in our community.

I would like to thank our Timebank steering group members for the work they have put in this year, and who will continue to work in the same way, but will act as a ‘community project’ under the legal structure of the community interest company of which I am the Managing Director, and Debbie Wagstaff (a local solicitor) is a Director (minutes directors meeting July 11th   2018). The Timebank money from the ‘Reaching Communities’ grant will  be separately accounted for, as Action 4 Support is also working on another community project -a community led housing scheme, which has its own steering group, and own project funding.

I would like to thank all members for making this such a wonderful Time banking year, and my role such a pleasure and privilege.

Sally Gaeta

Founder, Chair and Coordinator of the West Wight Time Bank


Regular Time Bank Events

Coffee morning is Thursday 27th September-please bring a plant to swap with another member if you have one, and any stamps that you have collected for Jean, who collects them for the Dogs Trust

The next Time Bank Lunch will be on Friday 12th October 2018 from 12-2pm. This will be at PO41 in Yarmouth.  Please do join us. Please also let Sally know if you would like a lift. J

The next Adult Drop and Swap will be on Tuesday 2nd October from 10:30-12 at Our Place at WWSCC.  Donations of household goods are always welcome. We can collect if that is easier.

The  Family Drop and Swap is on Mondays (term time only) from 10-12 at the Family Centre (Barnardo s) next to WWSCC.

We have been donated a lovely child’s cot and a pram/buggy combination. If you know anyone who would like them, please give them Sally’s number 07872304294

The next Timebank Walk is being planned and we will email the details soon.

On the first Wednesday of the month, we hold a Time bank Book Club.  If you are interested in joining a small group of us to read and discuss a book a month, please let Sally know.



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